Note: Please read our Rental Agreement ahead of time, as you will be asked to sign it on the day of your event upon bouncy castle delivery. You don’t need to print the Rental Agreement, our delivery crew will have it ready for you upon bouncy castle set up. 

Last updated on April 30, 2021

  1. Inspection: The customer acknowledges that he/she has had an opportunity to personally inspect the equipment, find the equipment in good condition that is suitable for his/her needs. The customer further acknowledges that it is his/her duty to inspect the equipment prior to use and notify Let’s Bounce Inflatables Ltd. of any defects.
  2. Warranties: There are no warranties of merchantability or fitness, either expressed or implied. There is no warranty that the equipment is suited for the customer’s intended use or that it is free from defects. Let’s Bounce Inflatables Ltd. makes no warranty of any said equipment. The customer agrees to notify Let’s Bounce Inflatables Ltd. immediately if any leased equipment develops an indication of defect or improper working conditions. The customer agrees to use said equipment entirely at his/her own risk, to be liable for any damage to his/her agents, servants, and employees from any and all liability resulting from the operation or use of the rented equipment.
  3. Operation of Equipment: The customer agrees that all rented equipment shall be used and operated only by a competent person. The customer further agrees to operate and maintain/service the equipment in accordance with instructions during the time it is in his/her possession, regardless of rental time stated on the contract(s), and understands neglect to do so may result in an additional charge. The customer acknowledges he/she understands the proper use of equipment. The customer further agrees not to operate the equipment in a careless or negligent manner.
  4. General Terms and Conditions: It is hereby agreed that the listed equipment is rented from Let’s Bounce Inflatables Ltd. by the customer for the customer’s own use and the said equipment will not be loaned, sub-let, mortgaged or any other manner disposed of by the customer. The customer agrees to be liable for any loss of said equipment by fire, theft or any other cause. Once the equipment has been accepted, either verbally or by signature Let’s Bounce Inflatables Ltd. would not be responsible for inclement weather and/or any other conditions which may cause the delay or cancellation of an event.
  5. Damages: The customer agrees to pay for loss or damage caused by the negligence of the customer, his/her employees or persons to whom the equipment is entrusted. The customer further agrees to pay for loss or damage caused by the use of the equipment in violation of any terms of this agreement, and/or any accompanying agreement(s) and/or addendums. If the client has insurance covering such loss or damage, the customer agrees to exercise all rights available to him/her under said insurance, take all action necessary to process the claim, and assign said claim and any and all proceeds from said insurance to Let’s Bounce Inflatables Ltd. Upon request of Let’s Bounce Inflatables Ltd., the customer shall furnish the name of his insurance agent, insurance company and complete information concerning coverage carried.
  6. Location: The rented equipment shall be at the address specified by the customer, which appears on this rental agreement, and the customer grants Let’s Bounce Inflatables Ltd. the right to enter the said property.
  7. Supervision and Care: The customer agrees to supervise the operation, use and storage of the leased equipment from the time the equipment is put in the customer’s possession and/or agreed premises until the time the leased equipment is recovered from the customer’s possession and/or agreed premises. The customer further agrees to surrender and return all the equipment leases at the specified herein in the same condition in which it was received, normal wear and tear excepted. If the customer fails to return all the equipment in the aforementioned condition and/or agreed return time, the customer agrees to pay Let’s Bounce Inflatables Ltd. the cost of the repair or replacement of any damaged or lost equipment and/or any late fees to be determined by Let’s Bounce Inflatables Ltd. The customer hereby agrees to supervise the operation, use and storage of the leased equipment continuously and hereby assumes full responsibility for any injuries which may result from the said operation, use and storage.
  8. Hold Harmless Agreement: The customer agrees to assume all risks and hold Let’s Bounce Inflatables Ltd. harmless for any property damage caused by the leased equipment and/or arising out of any possible Let’s Bounce Inflatables Ltd negligence. The customer further agrees to hold Let’s Bounce Inflatables Ltd. harmless from any claims made by any person, not a party to this lease which in any way may arise out of the operation, use, or storage of the leased equipment.
  9. Rules and Warnings:
  • Follow safety banner rules printed on the inflatable and all operating rules listed below whenever the inflatable is in use.
  • Adult supervision is required at all times. Never leave children unattended.
  • People with the following conditions, but not limited to, head, neck, back or other muscular-skeletal injuries or disabilities, pregnant women, small infants and others who may be susceptible to injury from falls, bumps or bouncing should not use this product. Please consult a physician if you have any concerns about using this inflatable product.
  • Ensure that the maximum occupancy is observed and controlled. For weight capacity please refer to individual inflatable unit specifications listed on our website.
  • All riders should be of compatible height and weight.
  • Do not place any potential fire hazard elements such as BBQs or fire pits near the inflatable.
  • No fireworks near the inflatable.
  • Do not use the inflatable while it’s raining, in strong winds with speeds of 30 km/h (20 mph) or higher, and extreme weather conditions.
  • The inflatable is to be anchored to the ground with ground stakes or 25 kg (55 lb) sandbags while in operation. The operator of the inflatable should check ground stakes regularly during play to ensure they remain securely in the ground. If sandbags are used make sure they are securely attached to the inflatable.
  • The inflatable must be fully inflated before anyone is allowed inside and it must remain fully inflated until everyone is out.
  • The operator of the inflatable should check frequently to make sure that buckles on the inflation tubes are tightly attached to the blower and all deflation zippers are sealed to prevent air leakage. If more than one blower is being used make sure all blowers are pumping air.
  • No water should be allowed in, or near, the dry use inflatable. Keep the jumping area, blower(s) and the power cord(s) dry.
  • Keep children away from the blower and deflation zippers. Do not allow running around the inflatable.
  • Do not allow wrestling, running, doing somersaults, pushing or climbing the walls (inside or outside), and grabbing or pulling on the basketball hoops of the inflatable.
  • Everyone should bounce away from each other, and stay away from openings and sidewalls.
  • Netting on the walls of the inflatable is ONLY intended to be used to reduce the risk of injury from falling off the inflatable. Do not allow anyone to intentionally kick, lean on, bounce against, climb on, hang from and jump over the netting.
  • Do not allow anyone to play on the ramp of the inflatable.
  • Do not allow anyone to run or jump through the entrance of the inflatable. Everyone should enter and exit the inflatable in a seated position.
  • Remove shoes, eyeglasses, jewelry or any sharp or hard objects before entering the inflatable unit.
  • Riders should not wear loose or baggy clothing, scarves, hoods, clothing with drawstrings and bring in any objects that may cause choking hazards while playing in the inflatable.
  • No food, beverages, gum or candy in the inflatable at any time.
  • No Confetti and absolutely no Silly String (or any similar substance) should be allowed in or around the inflatable.
  • No pets are to be allowed in or near the inflatable at any time.
  • Store the inflatable in a dry, clean area when not in use.
  • Evacuate the inflatable unit immediately if it begins to lose air.

Inflatable With Slides

  • Only one person at a time is allowed on each slide climbing wall and the slide.
  • No one should be allowed to slide down head first or on their stomach. Never stand up on the slide platform or on the slide itself. Never jump off of a slide.

Inflatables With Water Slides

  • Water is only allowed on the slide area and in the pool area. The Jumping area should not have pools of water. Keep the blower(s) and the power cord(s) dry.
  • Never dive or jump into the pool area. No one should be allowed to slide down head first or on their stomach. Never stand up on the slide platform or on the slide itself. Never jump off of a slide.
  • Always drain water from the inflatable after use. Do not leave it inflated or full of water unattended or overnight. Make sure no one drinks pool water. Ensure everyone practices good pool hygiene.


Adapting to COVID-19
1. It is the customers’ responsibility to abide by all government and public health rules during the rental. It is important that we continue to respect the social distancing measures in place.
2. If you or anyone in your household is showing symptoms consistent with COVID-19, has been exposed to someone who has COVID-19, or is currently in self-isolation as a result of travel, you have to notify us immediately to cancel the rental.
3. To minimize the contact with our setup team, please advise children to stay indoors when we arrive to set up the inflatable. Once our team leaves the property kids can start jumping.
4. Once it’s time to pick up, please direct the children off the inflatable so that our team can start cleaning and sanitizing.