18′x24′ Heavy Duty Tarp


Type: Heavy Duty
Size: 18′ x 24′
Approximate Finished Size: 17′-1/2″ x 23′-1/2″
Weight: 15.68 lbs
Mesh: 14 x 14
Grommet Material: Aluminum
Grommet Spacing: 2′
Thickness: 10 mm

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Heavy-duty poly tarps are great for protecting your inflatable from tears and scratches that are caused by friction between the base of your inflatable and hard setup surfaces like cement or asphalt. They also work great as a moisture/condensation barrier when setting up on grass, therefore reducing the risk of inflatable getting mouldy. Whatever the setup surface is, using a tarp as a protection layer will significantly prolong the life of your inflatable and protect your investment.